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Fondation Coeur Maghrébin

Martin de Waziers
Rue de la Concorde 36
1050 Ixelles, Belgique

100% of donations we receive are used to fund the works of the Fundation, excluding any other costs!

" We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. "

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

1. What is the project?
Our desire to fight poverty and unemployment, while using the considerable Maghreb heritage (social, economic, environmental) to sustainably develop villages, and participate to MDGs, the Millennium Development Goals, established by the United Nations.


2. Why launch a Foundation?
While many initiatives have been taken at all levels in this area, we believe that our idea is innovative because it interconnects culture, employment and rural areas, by linking them with the organization and union which make the strength, i.e. the COEUR acronym stylized in our logo.


3. What is the guiding principle?
Listen, identify skills, create IGA, create opportunities and finance, if necessary, investments, create jobs through education and the taste for entrepreneurship, generate revenues through sustainable development, and do this on a small scale, preserving everyone’s dignity.


4. And above all… we are neither here to force-feed nor assist, not even support.
We go with activities only if there is a will (errada), a commitment of the population (mousharaka) and a participatory management, all of this in a long term perspective (nadare3id)



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