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Fondation Coeur Maghrébin

Martin de Waziers
Rue de la Concorde 36
1050 Ixelles, Belgique

100% of donations we receive are used to fund the works of the Fundation, excluding any other costs!

" It is neither the strongest not the most intelligent that shall survive but the most adaptable to change! "

Charles Darwin

In philosophical terms, FCM responds to the observation that: small is beautiful, the income-generating activities (IGA) give hope, and human development is a fundamental component in this 21st century. On the opposite, we set as a condition that help will never be assistantship; people must have will, commitment and sense of sustainable actions.


E.F. Schumacher has set the basis in 1973 in an eponymous book that, even if it is a bit counterflow, has not aged: human scale, natural capital, environmental integrity, respect for workers and economy of permanence.


Dr. Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, invented, in the late 70’s, micro-credit in Bengladesh and created the Grameen Bank which finances entrepreneurs, especially women ; this concept has been widely reported, around the world.

Amartya Sen, another Bengali Nobel’98, working on poverty, initiated in the 80’s a theory of human development and well-being economy, now complements to the economic and financial growth.





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