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Fondation Coeur Maghrébin

Martin de Waziers
Rue de la Concorde 36
1050 Ixelles, Belgique

100% of donations we receive are used to fund the works of the Fundation, excluding any other costs!

" Culture? A vector of humanity ? A pool of generous actions ? A daily construction connecting the past, boosting the present and prospecting the future. "

Pietro Pizzuti

Few words from the Moroccan dialect:

Errada : will
Mousharaka : engagement
Nadarbe3id : eternal vision


Some acronyms and well known organizations:

IGA: Income Generating Activities
PPP: Public Private Partnership, an agreement that binds the participants from various concerned areas
Sustainable development: a concept of three dimensions; economy, ecology and social
NHRI, National Initiative for Human Development:
MDGs Millennium Development Goals :
Mohammed VI Foundation:


Initials of Organizations from our structure

FRB : Fondation Roi Baudouin, the structure that hosts us and allows us to incubate FCM
FCM: Fondation Cœur Maghrébin, the umbrella organization, based in the Foundation Roi Baudouin
AFCM : Association « Fondation Cœur Maghrébin », first eponymous association, based in Morocco
COOP : Comité Opérationnel of AFCM, composed by the Office and some operational elements






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