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Fondation Coeur Maghrébin

Martin de Waziers
Rue de la Concorde 36
1050 Ixelles, Belgique

100% of donations we receive are used to fund the works of the Fundation, excluding any other costs!

" The one who teaches you is better that the one who gives you. "

Maghreb Proverb

The villagers’ forum, one for all and all for one! It is restoring the word for, "together", creating; it is also happiness of words and joy of sharing…

The synergy between villages: social network solidarity. The most important is to start small and grow the experience around a ferment.

The Business Club "partners": interested to be grafted on local projects, whether coming from specific bleds or between bleds.

Institutional support: indispensables to spare. We must respect the State, the Region, Local authorities, foundations and related associations.

Financial sponsorship: essential at the beginning but also after. Individuals or corporations are ready to support our Foundation.


Culture, in itself, is a source of employment:

• Agriculture, animal culture, forestry…
• Information, knowledge, skills, training
• Crafts and any other artistic styles
We must, then, imagine the forms it takes:
• cooperatives, microcredit, support for big firms
• knowledge technologies, training of trainers
• learning, workshop, orchestra…
And move towards development initiatives.




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