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Fondation Coeur Maghrébin

Martin de Waziers
Rue de la Concorde 36
1050 Ixelles, Belgique

100% of donations we receive are used to fund the works of the Fundation, excluding any other costs!

" Train men, it is not filling a vase, it is lighting a fire. "


If we can stem the rural exodus which generates poverty and unemployment, we think that each bled has recent or ancestral skills that can be developed. They are basis for IGA that must be boosted to create employment and firms; so we have to create opportunities and possibly fund some initial investment, allowing business to take off.

Accompany bleds, it is foremost listen to them with energy and empathy for a diagnosis, then, having identified the possible fields of action, launch an education campaign(4) in three major phases. We must first inform, basis of motivation, then form, using natural levers in place, and finally mobilize with concrete actions plan. This is based on our Charter values(5).


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FCM pose, first, the principle of public private partnership (PPP) which implies that we write a convention, when necessary, to ensure a solidary basis attached to the project, agreements on responsibilities and contributions of each, an action plan and a monitoring committee. Our partners are: Cities, Local and Regional Civil Authorities, Associations, Business Clubs, etc.

If possible, we do not want to create ex-nihilo. No false pride in the actions FCM leads, whether local, regional or global they are! We want to support the principles of social solidarity economy (SSE), fair trade and sustainable development, avoiding all possible obstacles (corruption, shameless margin of intermediaries…).


(4) The word education is important because suggesting the fact that we bring one person out of a situation; it comes from the Latin e-ducere which, literally, means: driving outside (presumably towards a better future!)

(5) Charter FCM values : Respect for Human Dignity and Human Rights, Solidarity, Professionalism, Transparency, Trust, Sustainable Development (human, economic, ecological)